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how do the packages work?

At the end of our photoshoot, you will pick and pay for the package you would like. Packages depend on the number of outfits and locations you have, as well as the number of final images you would like to own. If you pick the smallest package, and want more images after you receive the gallery, don't worry! There will be a small additional fee for every extra image you like. When I send your gallery link there will be further instructions on how to pick your favorite images.

Example: If you pick the 15 images package, you will receive a gallery with all of the images edited and you will pick your favorite 15. You do NOT get to keep extra images unless you pay for them. 

Do I get to keep unedited images from my shoot?

No. When you receive your gallery all of the images will be processed and edited. You will not receive any unedited images in your gallery. Some of the images will be candid images -  if you don't like them, no biggie! You don't have to pick them! 

How edited will the images be?

Every photographer has a different philosophy about how to edit images. My personal belief is that over-editing takes away from YOUR moment! Although I will process the images with all of the basics, I will not edit your weight, hair (unless it's totally in your face), or anything else that takes away from your natural beauty. I want to help my clients feel confident during the shoot and feel amazing about their final images without any serious photoshop. 

Why do my images look blurry in my gallery?

In order to protect my photography, the gallery software I use makes images slightly blurry so people cannot screenshot them without paying for them. They will be clear once you pick your favorites and download them!

What if the weather is bad or i need to reschedule?

Weather and life happen- sometimes we will need to reschedule! If you need to reschedule please let me know at least 24 hours before of your shoot. When it comes to weather, the decision will need to be made the day of. If a pretty blue sky is important to you we may need to reschedule. How the background looks in person is how it will look in the images. 

I've never had professional pictures taken before, what should i expect?

I'm SO excited to be your first professional shoot ever!!

What should I bring?

Any outfits you are changing into, shoes to change into if you are wearing heels, makeup to touch up and any champagne or accessories. You're also welcome to bring a friend or your parents! 

How should I pose?

Looking on Pinterest before can be super helpful if you want to have your own posing ideas, but I will help you pose throughout the shoot. 

How do I pay for my pictures?

You can pay with venmo, cash or a check! 

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