kaylin balderrama

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Who i am and what i'm all about

My name: Kaylin Balderrama 

Where I'm from: I was born in Arizona, lived in Colorado for six years, Australia for a bit and then I moved to ATX. 

What I do: I recently graduated from UT Austin ​and work at an advertising agency downtown.

Where you can find me: Running around town lake with my dog Beck, eating at Elizabeth Street Cafe, watching the newest murder documentary on Netflix and drinking a matcha latte. 

When I started photography: In 2015 when I bought my first camera.

Who I photograph: People playing music, people graduating and people just being cool people. 

Favorite person I've photographed: Post Malone 


Post Malone / Cardi B / Tyler the Creator / Lil Wayne / Khalid / J Cole

BASED in Austin, tx

But I'll travel for you (with a small fee). 


Photo from SXSW featured on the front page of the SXSW website. 

Heading 4

Photos featured on the SXSW Instagram and Twitter page.


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